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Welcome to Irving Paving Pros. We’re trusted local paving contractors who specialize in concrete and asphalt paving in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. 

In Texas, we know that you need your outdoor surfaces to be seriously tough. The extreme weather can wreak havoc on any outdoor surface, especially if they receive the additional pummeling of vehicle traffic.

You need a surface that’s designed to handle the extreme Texas climate, that can face any challenge mother nature can throw at it. Introducing, the wonders of asphalt and concrete! These are some seriously tough materials making them a smart choice for local outdoor paving. 

As a company which only does paving, we’re uniquely qualified to give you a paving product which is durable, cost effective and great to look at. 

About Us

Everything we do here at Irving Paving Pros revolves around one simple aim: providing the residents of Irving Texas with the best paving services. 

Poorly installed, or mixed, paved surfaces can begin to have problems in no time at all, and this can leave you seriously out of pocket. This certainly isn’t what you anticipated or deserve. 

That’s why we think it’s important to offer a comprehensive range of quality paving services. 

Whether you are a homeowner or a businessowner, want your driveway paved or your parking lot maintained or need new construction of concrete or asphalt, you can get exactly what you want, expect and deserve.

We have an extensive range of concrete and asphalt services including repairs, crack filling, patching, resurfacing and parking lot striping.

There’s no need to compromise. Choose the best. Choose Irving Paving Pros. 

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Irving Paving Pros - Asphalt Paving

New asphalt is durable, inexpensive, hassle free and great for the environment. Sounds like a winning combination, right? 

The durability and long-lasting power of asphalt has a twofold effect. Not only does it mean you can be confident that your surface will last out in the harsh Texas climate, but that maintenance and repair costs will low long term too. 

We can meet all of your asphalt paving requirements, handling the complete process of installation, repair and maintenance.

Irving Paving Pros - Asphalt and Concrete Repair

There are some problems that your concrete work and asphalt surfaces may encounter, and we have the necessary expertise to repair them all. In many cases, you’ll notice that the area surrounding your paved surface is the source of the issue, rather than the actual material. This is the case when it comes to forms of damage such upheaval or lifting, when something below your paved surface, commonly a tree root, begins to lift or push your paving beyond the level it should be. 

Then there’s opposite problem, settling, when concrete paving in particular can sink due to the soil conditions and settle there. 

In both cases you end up with an uneven surface. We provide both asphalt repair and concrete repair to deal with all of these issues and any others that you might experience.

Irving Paving Pros - Asphalt Sealcoating

Cracks, pot holes and other imperfections in the surface of asphalt paving can allow water to seep into and below the surface, which can be truly damaging in a range of different ways — and costly to fix.

Preventing this from occurring is of utmost importance to properly maintaining your surface. This is where the process of asphalt sealcoating comes in handy. 

Sealcoating is a process of applying a thin layer of asphalt and polymer across your entire asphalt surface. This fills in all the cracks, holes and other imperfections in the surface and keeps harmful water out. 

Our sealcoating service is simply the best way to look after any asphalt surface around your home.

Irving Paving Pros - Concrete Paving

If concrete is famous for one thing it’s being tough. Concrete’s legendary toughness means that when you get any concrete surface installed around your home, you can sure it will last. 

Similar to asphalt, concrete is also inexpensive to purchase and easy to install, making it one of the best paving options you can buy. 

Our truly professional team can meet all of your concrete paving and give you something that you know will truly last. We can also offer a range of great finishes to add that extra pop to your home or place of business.

Irving Paving Pros - Commercial Paving Services

We understand if you own a business, things can quickly get very busy, and it can sometimes be truly difficult to stay on top of everything. However, it’s all the little things that go into giving your business that professional image that gives you a true edge over your competitors. This includes your paved surfaces. 

We provide a range of commercial paving services, including parking lot paving and sidewalk paving. 

Our large team of experienced paving professionals will ensure the work is done with minimal disruption to your business. We’ll also keep you informed every step of the way, so you can relax and get on with running your business while we make the paving magic happen. 

Irving Paving Pros - Driveway Paving

Given its toughness, asphalt and concrete paving can be the perfect materials for use in your driveway. The durability ensures that it can stand up to the enormous amount of weight that it needs to handle, without the need for constant repair and maintenance. 

Needless to say, this helps to keep costs low, from installation through to ongoing maintenance. 

We are a paving company that provides a full range of concrete and asphalt driveway installation services. This begins with removing any existing driveway infrastructure you no longer require, grading the soil, complete installation and quality assurance.

Our team of pavers have consistently proved that we the best when it comes to quality paving in the Irving TX area. 

We welcome you to talk to a member of our team today by calling the phone number or requesting a free estimate. Home or business, we’re eager to tackle your paving needs in the DFW area with our trademark commitment to quality and professionalism.