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Asphalt & Concrete Repair

Irving Paving Pros - Asphalt and Concrete Repair

Concrete and asphalt are materials known for their true lasting power, but this doesn’t come without a problem or two. Both concrete and asphalt can experience damage or problems if the wrong set of circumstances occur. 

This can be the result of an accident, improper use or, in a range of case, the surrounding environment. 

Whatever the case, we provide both concrete and asphalt repair solutions for any kind of damage, wear or erosion. We get the repair job done quickly, efficiently and with a high level of professionalism. 


Concrete Repair

One of the most common problems you’ll experience with concrete is cracks, usually as a result of stress or excessive weight. Another set of problems relates to settling or lifting of the concrete surface, which causes progressively worsening damage over time. 

We provide a concrete repair service that can address all these problems. Most importantly, we ensure we deal with the underlying problem before addressing the cosmetic appearance of your concrete paving. This ensures a lasting result. 


Asphalt Repair

Similar to concrete, asphalt is certainly durable, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged, or incur other issues. Asphalt can be negatively impacted by the surrounding environment and it can be damaged by excessive weight or abrasion.

You might also find cracks, potholes or other forms of superficial and minor damage occurring to your surface, for a range of reasons occurring in the asphalt substrate layer.

Irving Paving Pros are experienced in all aspects of asphalt repair. We’ll not only ensure your asphalt paved areas remain resistant to potholes, cracks and other forms of damage, we’ll also make sure the repaired area is fully rejuvenated to look pristine, sleek and perfect. 


Speed of Service

We know the range of problems that can occur and how they can impact your home or business, everything from looking unsightly, to being a potential tripping hazard. Whatever the problem, Irving Paving Pros are equipped to fix it quickly. 

Your paved surface will be returned to perfect condition in a fraction of the time it’d take a smaller contractor. 

Extensive experience has taught us how to get the best possible result in the shortest possible time. This means you can be sure that our work won’t disrupt your home life or hours of business operation. 

All of this simply means you can rely on us to quickly and effectively help you restore your paved surfaces.

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